Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to visualize your applications on Yasmine Market?

To visualize you Androïd applications that were hosted on Yasmine Marketyou have to go to the heading Application and click on the button : Visualization List.

This interface displays summary information for your applications and initiate changes to your applications and / or information.

The different types of information displayed is :

  • Categories : The category of your application
  • Sub-categories : The sub-category of your application
  • Keywords : The keywords that characterize your applications and you entered when published
  • Type support : The compatible support with your application ( Mobile and / or Tablet )
  • Status : The current status of your application : published or being validated for publication.

  • Action : From this interface,you can :
  •  Delete your application.This application is irreversible.
  • Visualize the description of your application.
  • Version & Status
  • Comment : Visualize the comments made by the users of your application. 
  • Statistics display : Display visualization number of your Application by  Yasmine Market visitors and Users.
  • Statistics download : Display the download number of your Application  by  Yasmine Market visitors and Users.


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