Friday, December 23, 2011

How to apply an Android App on Yasmine Market?

To apply an Android App on Yasmine Market, you have to go to the heading Application, click on: Addition .

We must go through the 3 following steps:

  • 1st step: Description of your Android App:
Enter the information requested related to Android application to apply, that is to say:
    • Type of support (Mobile or Tablet),
    • Name of the Android App to apply,
    • Version of the application : chosen by the Developer to differentiate between different versions of updates to the App,
    • Keywords to better describe the application,
    • URL of the application site, if any
    • The application language (English, French, Spanish, العربية )
    •  The application description (8000 characters)
    • Mini application description (200 characters. It will be used for the meta description and in the various sharings of your application)

    • The link of the application video (optional) : it could be a YouTube link or a file whose extension is MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, MP4V, F4V
    • Select the main application category
    • Select sub-categories of your application
    • Select the price the user must pay to Download the application.The price levels proposed by Yasmine Market are:
      • Free for free applications
      • 1.050 Tunisian Dinar
      • 2.100 Tunisian Dinar
      • 3.150 Tunsian Dinar

However, other steps may be added as one goes along according to the need expressed by the Developers.

Similarly, Users from other countries may, in the near future, download paid applications, and this, according to the evolution of network coverage of SMS TrickPAY micropayment solution, Solution adopted by Yasmine Market for the payment of Apps.
  • 2nd step: Import Screenshots of your Android App
    • Select the icon of your Android App from a known location and validate the addition.
    • Select the Ad image of your application and validate the addition.
    • Select Screen image and validate the addition.

Note that:

  • 3rd Step:
    • The developer must add the file of its application, which its extension will be. Apk on Yasmine Market

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