Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Developer’s private account

What is a Private Area Developer? 

Structure of Private Area Developer:
It consists of 4 main headings :
·        Menu : It consists of the 5 following elements :
·        Profile
·        Visualization : You will see your personal information :
·        Developer Info
·        Company Info
·        Banking Info
·        Connection Settings
·        Edit : To edit your information.
·        Application :
·        Visualization List : You will visualize your lists.
·        Addition : They are the steps to follow when applying for an application on Yasmine Market.
·        Statistics : The Developer may follow :
·        Download : It is a graph showing the number of downloads of applications in real time.
·        Visualization : It is a follow-up of the visualization number of your applications.
·        Gain Download : It is  a follow-up of your gains in real time.
·        Balance :
·        Account statement
·        Withdrawal status
·        New Ideas :
·        List of Application Ideas : They are ideas proposed by the Developer.

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